Bio Phos (Bio Fertilizer)

Phosphorous is an important nutrient for plants and microorganisms. Phosphorous is available in inorganic forms as compounds of phytins, phospholipids, nucleic acids , rock phosphate, bone meal etc.

Rock phosphate is commonly used to supply phosphorous to crops. Even though rock phosphate contains 28-35% phosphorous, only 2-4% is available to crops and remaining bulk portion is left unavailable. Soil bacteria Pseudomonas and Bacillus have the ability to bring insoluble phosphates such as rock phosphate into soluble forms by secreting organic acids such as formic, acetic, propionic, lactic, glycolic and other acids. These acids lower the pH and bring insoluble phosphate in soil into soluble forms of phosphate that are ultimately utilizes by the plants.

The phosphorous solubilisation, mediated by microorganisms is a continuous process in soil hence triggering the population of these beneficial microorganisms will ensure the continuous process in soil. Thus triggering the population of these beneficial microorganisms will ensure the continuous availability of phosphorous to plants. It has been proved by field trails that the combined application of rock phosphate and the phosphorous solubilizing bacteria increased phosphorous availability to 40-50% under varying soil pH which means available phosphorous will be increased up to about 15-20%.

Bio Phos® is a liquid formulation containing phosphorous solubilizing bacterium Bacillus megatherium. When BioPhos is applied or mixed with rock phosphate the beneficial microbe multiple in multifold and do the job of phosphorous solubilisation by using the organic acids secreted by the bacteria.

When the use of Bio Phos® and Eppawala rock phosphate (ERP) mixture for plantation crops you can reduce the recommended ERP doze by 50-75% to the fact that available phosphorous content is increased from 45% to 15-20%. Further ERP+ Bio Phos® mixture could be used for annuals (Vegetables etc) to supply the recommended phosphorous requirement in place of very expensive Triple Super Phosphate (TSP). We recommend double the recommended dosage of Eppawala Rock Phosphate with Bio Phos® to supply the requirement of phosphorous at the very low cost.


  • Dilute 2 lit Bio Phos® with 180 lit of water and spray this solution to the rock phosphate treated soil around the plants. The beneficial bacterium multiplies in multifold and subsequently when applied into soil, it releases phosphorous effectively from rock phosphate in a continuous way.
  • For organic cultivation dilute 10 litres of Bio Phos® in 150-180 litres of water and spray this solution around the plants to rock phosphate treated soil per acre.