Bio Super Phos

Soils are often high in insoluble mineral and organic phosphates but deficient in available orthophosphate. Natural rock phosphates have been recognized as a valuable alternative source for P fertilizer. By increasing soil microbial activities, bioavailability of P in a bioactive soil can be remarkably enhanced. The fact that certain soil microbes are capable of dissolving relatively insoluble phosphatic compounds has opened the possibility for inducing microbial solubilization of phosphates in soils.

BioSuperPhos is a unique bio formulation in which the mineral rock phosphate is enriched with phosphatase enzyme and bio carbon.

In Bio Super Phos the available phosphorus content (P2O5) is 20% that is higher than the P2O5 content of chemical fertilizers containing Phosphate.

As Bio Super Phos is coated with bio enzymes along with carbon and humus substances, even after the application in to soil, the phosphorus is continuously released to plants as phosphoric acid by the activity of bio enzymes, resulting in vigorous root growth and better nutrient absorption.

Even in second and third fertilizer application, the efficiency of nutrient uptake by plant will increase.

Bio Super Phos also contains organic carbon (Organic matter 18-20%), potash (1.5%) and nitrogen that ensure better plant metabolism and ultimately lead to a bumper yield.

Double the quantity should be applied for organic cultivation as basal fertilizer.