Bio Vaccine

Bio Vaccine

The product is made with natural bio control fungal agent Trichoderma viride. It is simply helps to prevent the plant from rot & wilt diseases at any time. Once applied, Trichoderma viride grows over the pathogens that cause root rot, stem rot, seed rot, fruit rot and wilt diseases and killing by destroying the pathogen cell structure.

Trichoderma viride is a fungus which colonizes near the plant roots (Rhizosphere) and grows on roots. This attacks the pathogenic fungi such as Pythium, Rhizoctonia & Fusarium that specially cause root rot, stem rot, seed rot, & fruit rot and wilt diseases. Trichoderma viride growing like coils around the pathogen and degrade the cell wall of the pathogenic fungi by secreting wide variety of enzymes including celluloses and chitinases. This process is also known as mycoparasitism, where one fungus limits the growth and metabolic activity of other pathogenic fungi.

Bio Vaccine

When Trichoderma viride growing likes a mycelium, it provides more benefit to the plant root system. Being as a net, it holds the moisture content well around root surfaces. So the uptake of water & nutrition (specially the elements) will be increased. That ensures the disease free plants and high productivity

Trichoderma viride also prevents the plant root system from pathogen attack by inducing systemic resistance (ISR) mechanism which suppressing the pathogens and gives stronger & healthier root system. With the induced resistance mechanism, plants will be prepared to eliminate or destroy the pathogens. This is more helpful and reduces the risk of spreading the disease among the plant groups.

The product BioVaccineTM contains 2 x 108 Trichoderma viride spores per mille litter (2 x 108 spores / ml). BioVaccineTM significantly reduces the need for chemical fungicide to control fungal root diseases.

As it is a product of living microorganism, it will continue to multiply even after application to the soil and enhances the root system with increased uptake level of nutrients & moisture. Thus, tolerance to stressful growing conditions also will improve.

Dosage and Method of Application

Please note that for the best use of BioVaccineTM, is has to be used for the nursery stage, during transplant and continue for 30 -45 days to control the soil borne diseases.

For Nursery Plants:

Dilute 1 Litre BV in 30 Litre of water. Spray well around nursery beds.

Secondary Application (30- 45 Days after sowing or planting)

Dilute 4 -10 Litre BV in 200 - 600 Litre of water. Spray well around plant’s root zone.

For Organic use

Dilute 4 -10 Litre BV with 3 Tons of dry compost or farm yard manure. Let it for two days.
Apply before sowing or planting