Bacto Bti

Bti is the short form for the popular mosquito larvae killing bacterium, Bacillus thuringiensis variety israelensis. It produces crystal toxins that infects and kills mosquito larvae. Bti is an environmentally safe bacterium, because it is highly selective in killing mosquito larvae and ‘Bti Technology’ is recognized by World Health Organization (WHO) for mosquito eradication world wide. In Sri Lanka, Bio Power Lanka manufactures Bti in technical collaborations with Industrial Technological Institute (ITI) under the brand name of BactoBti®.

What are the Benefits of BactoBti

BactoBti® is a unique product, which solves mosquito problem organically by killing the mosquito larvae at their breeding places. Therefore, it efficiently controls the mosquito population at the initial stage and prevents the spread of diseases such as Dengue, Malaria, Filariasis, and Chikungunya.

Comparing to synthetic insecticides, BactoBti® specifically kills larvae without harming the beneficial organisms such as the honey bees, silk worms, the natural enemies of insects (predators & parasites) and other aquatic flora & fauna as per the toxicology research results. Being environmental friendly product, BactoBti® is completely safe to human beings and animals.

Mode of Action

Once ingested, Bti crystal toxins paralyzes the mid gut epithelial cells of mosquito larva and in few days, the larva dies from starvation.

Mosquito Life Cycle


Application Method

Mosquito Habitat Dilution (per 10 L of Water)
Polluted lagoons, organic accumulated water; 300 ml
Irrigation ditches, roadside ditches, flood water standing ponds, pastures catch basins, tidal water, salt marshes, rice fields and standing water containing mosquito larvae in fields where crops are cultivated. 200 ml
Use the higher dilution rate in polluted water, when algae are abundant, when late 3rd or early 4th instar mosquito larvae are predominant and/or mosquito larvae population is very high.

It is not recommended to apply in direct drinking water sources & finished drinking water.

It is wise to kill the non-flying mosquito larvae at their breeding place than the flying adult mosquitoes.

Mosquito control is a collaborative effort and Bacto Bti provides the way for that.

Mosquito breeding places