Sparrow 888 Plus

Sparrow 888 plus is an organic agricultural and horticultural spray, containing bio degradable mineral oil for controlling wide variety of pests, in various stages of their life cycle, on variety of crops. It is highly refined and specially formulated ideal solution for pest control with no hazard to human, animals, plants, soil and the environment.

It controls; Mealy Bugs, Red Mites, Thrips, White Fly, Aphids, Leaf Miner, Scales, Leaf Hoppers, Powdery Mildew and Aphid transmitted viruses. It is used for a wide variety of crops; Fruits, Vegetables, Plantations and Field Crops, Shrubs, Ornamentals, Green House plants, and Poly House Plants.

Sparrow 888 Plus is approved by, International Federation for Organic Agricultural Movements (IFOAM), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI), for pest controlling in organic farming.

It is also a valuable tool in Integrated Pest & Disease Management to control pests

Features of sparrow 888 Plus
  • Non-residual - Leaves no toxic residues on food products and negligible effects on beneficial insects. It does not enter into the food chain
  • Bio-degradable - Gets broken down by micro-organism as well as light & air.
  • Economical - Single crop protectant for a variety of pests, for all season use with fewer spraying cycles reducing the spraying cost.
  • Safe - Completely safe to handle without any requirement or protective clothing and it does not cause a toxic threat to humans or animals.
  • Highly effective - It controls pests by suffocation. No pest can develop resistance as it works at the physical levels not at the bio – chemical level.
Spray and Mixing Instructions
Dosage: Dilute 5ml of Sparrow oil in one liter of water (0.5%).

For example: Take 8 Liter of water into a 16 Liter mixing tank, and add 80 ml of Sparrow 888 Plus. Mix well. Then add remaining 8 Liter of water and mix well. Maintain agitation while spraying also. Spray both upper and lower side of the leaves and make sure the entire plant is completely sprayed with spray solution. On an average, for 1 acre 1.5 - 2 Liter of sparrow oil may be required. For better results spray Sparrow 888 Plus in 15 days intervals. Do not spray when the day is very hot and windy. Also avoid spraying during raining.

Storage: Store the containers inside where water and direct sunlight cannot enter the container.

Crop Safety
Never spray on heat or moisture stressed plants. Do not apply to plants weakened by disease, drought, drying winds or high nitrogen application. Do not apply through any type of irrigation. Do not use with agrochemicals containing sulphur (Eg: Captan, Carbaryl, Dimethoate, etc.) Do not apply micronized sulphur, pesticides or other chemicals within 20 days before or after application of SPARROW 888 PLUS as serious crop damage may occur. Do not apply on Roses. Do not apply on young, tender seedlings (less than 20 days).