Super Seed

Nitrogen is a primary plant macronutrient that plays as a major component of many structural, genetic and metabolic compounds and helps plants with rapid root growth, increasing seed and fruit production and improving the quality of leaf and forage crops.

Rhizobium is the most well-known species of a group of bacteria that acts as the Primary symbiotic fixer of Nitrogen. The bacteria can infect the roots of leguminous plants, leading to the formation of lumps or nodules where the nitrogen fixation takes place. The bacterium supplies a constant source of reduced nitrogen to the host plant that ensures higher yield and better quality.

The soil is the natural habitat of N-fixing bacteria but too often our soils do not have either the proper kind of nodule-forming bacteria or enough of them to really bring about good legume growth. The physical process of applying specific N-fixing bacteria to seed or soil at or before planting is called inoculation. The purpose of inoculation of legume seed is to coat seeds with a sufficiently high number of viable N-fixing bacteria of the correct strain to provide early and effective nodulation of that legume in the field.

Super Seed can be used for pulses such as red gram, green gram, black gram, cowpea, groundnut and soybean.


Rhizobium (SUPER SEED) +) at 500ml each along with 100gms of starch powder are mixed with 10kg of seed in a bucket and incubated for 2 hrs.after that treated seeds are taken for sowing.


3 Lit/acre: Dilute 1 lit of super seed in 60 litres of water (3 lit diluted in 180 litres of water), and sprayed around the root zone of the crop after 30-45 days of sowing